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Sobre la Tormenta




Millions of water drops fall from the sky. Lightning illuminates our house for a moment. A second later, the world rumbles with the sound of thunder. This is what we humans can see. But above the storm clouds, it's different. An eerie scene, unexpectedly calm, where unimaginable phenomenons happen. Lightning bolts, thousands of times bigger than those we see on the surface, bring light to the area between the sky and space; blue lightning, similar to comets; red lightning, similar to jellyfish that live in the ocean depths. Above the storm, reality changes.


This piece was written for the ensemble A Tempo, founded by director Enrique Esqueda. it was premiered in the Museo Iconográfico del Quijote in Guanajuato, on 2013. 


Sobre la Tormenta was programed in the Festival Internacional Cervantino 2015.


Sobre la Tormenta - Arturo Morfín
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