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If you ask me, I would'nt recognize the person I was a minute ago. Who's that? Clearly, I've always been like just now. However, thirty seconds ago, I was both. Two different personalities contradicting each other, fighting over one body, over one mind. Only one can prevail!


I'm forever under the curse of Ose, a demon that transforms me in such a way  that I can't think any differently from that in which I was changed to. Confusing? There's no way to avoid it. But I can achieve some perspective by taking a few steps backwards and watching myself objectibely. From a distance I can understand that, in reality, I'm all those different personalities simultaneously.

I tell the truth, but I'm a liar. I am a coward, also I am brave.  I am kind AND kind of mean.

We are taught that we can only be one thing at a time. That is a lie.


OSE is a live electronics quadraphonic installation. The sigil is drawn randomly. Depending of the location of the pointer, the patch generates music with certain characteristics. The black circles in the background represent musical parameters that gradually change or change abruptly. For demonstration, this stereo video shows a specific path that completes the sigil in 12 minutes.

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