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HAAGENTI - Arturo Morfín

Water into wine, wine into blood, blood into water.


To wield the power of transformation between elements.


From lead to copper, from copper to gold, from gold to dust.


To walk inside the secret tunnels between the places without relation.


Blood is gold and gold is dust.




Haagenti, the fourty-eighth spirit of the Ars Goetia, appears in the shape of a bull with gryphon wings. His office is to provide knowledge about alchemy. He is  the representation of unity in the universe, of the thousands of existing relations between individuals, events and objects. It is always possible to draw a line from one concept to another.


Irvine Arditti performs on the violin.


This piece was composed in a workshop of composition for solo violin imparted by Irvine Arditti and Hilda Paredes. The workshop was organized for the composition students of the CIEM. 



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