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GAAP - Arturo Morfín

I am always drowsy and indifferent. I live in a comfortable room perpetually shrouded in shadows. Every once in a while an invisible and malignant being visits my room. Its presence suffocates me and reduces me to a catatonic state. Four tall figures follow it. They appear in the dark corners of the room and watch me with sardonic eyes. Eventually they come closer and whisper things. Their voices make me feel sick, they enrage me, and sometimes they exhilarate me. I want so sleep, but they won’t let me!


Alejandro Escuer performs on the bass flute.
Live electronics done with Cycling74 Max7
Artificial voices done with UTAU-Synth (Zuii Takoe and Hakaine Maiko)


GAAP was composed within a year-long workshop in NICO (Núcleo Integral de Composición). It is is the eight track within the album FLUX, that includes the music of other eleven composers that took part in the workshop.

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