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BIFRONS - Arturo Morfín

One night I had three dreams. 




Four dead people walk in a circle around a fire. The fire doesn' give any warmth. Everything is gray. The dead walk slowly, with their heads hanging, with their arms stiff. A strange being, like a small troll or orc, carrying a mace that doubles its own size, observes from afar.




I am standing in a mountain of bones and decaying flesh. Millions of dead bodies cover the ground, so many that they reach the horizon in all directions. I raise my head towards the black, sunless sky and scream in terror and disgust.




Absolute darkness. I am surrounded by death, by its presence. Then I start feeling a strange and deep sadness. However, I am at peace, I am calm. Its the feeling of understanding the absolute certainty of death, where everything ends. 

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